The Reason Why The Mill Is Noisy When It Is Working


Under normal working conditions, the sound produced by the pulverizer is regular and usually does not make people feel annoying. However, if the noise generated by the mill is abnormal and even affects people's normal operations, the user needs to consider whether the mill has failed. If the noise you hear is different from the normal working sound, you must first find out the cause of the high noise of the pulverizer. The following editor will explain some of the reasons that cause the abnormal noise of the pulverizer.

Let us first understand the vibration phenomenon of the mill caused by the feeding problem. This mainly refers to the vibration caused by the equipment in the production process because the added material does not meet the equipment requirements. Generally speaking, it is the particle size of the material. It is caused by the size or hardness of the powder, which will cause damage to the internal parts of the mill for a long time, and even shorten the life of the equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the incoming materials are qualified during the production process.

When the pulverizer fails, it will also cause vibration. In the production, due to the internal failure of the equipment, the vibration problem caused by the abnormal operation of the ultrafine grinding machine. Generally speaking, there are two reasons for this failure. One is the vibration caused by the loosening of the anchor bolts, which can be solved by tightening the bolts; the other is the vibration caused by the damage of the components of the mill, which usually refers to the wear of the blade, the deformation of the grinding roller and the ring of the fan, and the blade of the fan. It can be repaired or replaced according to the degree of wear or deformation to ensure the integrity of these parts.

When the noise of the mill is too loud, it must be solved in time, and the abnormal noise of the mill is also closely related to the daily maintenance work, so the daily maintenance of the mill is also very important.

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