How To Improve The Output Of Gypsum Powder


Desulfurized gypsum is one of the main raw materials of gypsum building materials, which can be used in construction industry and chemical industry after grinding and processing by ore pulverizer.

The user can reduce the feed particle size of desulfurization gypsum according to the and try to ensure the uniformity of particle size. When we use MTW Raymond mill to grind and pulverize desulfurization gypsum, if the feed particle is too large, Raymond mill will not be able to grind ore materials in time, resulting in blockage of Raymond mill and reduction of production efficiency of Raymond mill.

During the use of Raymond mill, ensure the stable voltage of desulfurized gypsum Raymond mill. In grinding production, the current is equivalent to the input power of the equipment, which has a great impact on the capacity of the equipment. If the voltage is not stable enough in the grinding of desulfurized gypsum, it will affect the speed of Raymond mill, and then affect the production and ore grinding efficiency of Raymond mill.

Selecting our MTW series European Trapezium mill can significantly improve the output of gypsum powder: the processing fineness is between 15-425 mesh (the fineness can be adjusted freely). It is a new and energy-saving high fineness pulverizing equipment with five patented technologies such as trapezoidal working face, flexible connection and grinding roller linkage pressurization.

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