Analysis On Development Prospect And Industry Pattern Of Graphite Industry


1. Access Conditions Create A Good Competitive Environment For The Graphite Industry

In order to guide the healthy development of the graphite industry, optimize the industrial structure, curb low-level redundant construction, protect the ecological environment and improve the safety level. In order to strengthen the access management of graphite industry and do a good job in the access management of graphite industry. The release of industry access conditions, on the one hand, avoids disorderly competition and vicious development of raw material suppliers; On the other hand, it forms a certain protection for the upstream to continuously provide raw materials, and creates a good competitive environment for standardized production and development.

2. Artificial Graphite Has Become The Main Growth Point

In the next few years, the new energy vehicle market will maintain a high-speed growth trend with the support of policies. Artificial graphite will also maintain a high growth rate driven by the demand for power lithium batteries. The expansion of new or existing enterprises will also be mainly located in the field of artificial graphite.

3. Industry Competition Pattern

As the main material of power battery, artificial graphite is driven by the development of new energy vehicle industry, and the market demand continues to rise. However, in recent years, China's subsidies for new energy vehicles have been reduced, the development of the new energy vehicle industry has slowed down, and the demand for artificial graphite has been reduced. Therefore, the competition in the artificial graphite industry is particularly fierce. At present, the market concentration has been increasing, and an oligarch competition mode has been gradually formed.

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