How To Improve Vertical Mill Service Life


All vertical mills have their own period of use. Correct use and reasonable maintenance can extend the service life of vertical mill.

First of all, when installing, you must strictly follow the instructions in the professional instructions provided by the manufacturer, and the sequence of starting and stopping cannot be disordered. During the operation of the vertical mill, if the body of the high pressure roller mill is abnormal When the vibration occurs, it is usually caused by the unbalanced extrusion force of the vertical mill due to the different particle sizes of the materials. At this time, the average particle size of the feed inlet should be adjusted to ensure the normalization of extrusion.

Secondly, if the vertical mill has oil leakage caused by low pressure, it is mostly because the hydraulic system of the vertical mill is malfunctioning. At this time, new parts should be replaced, and the hydraulic chamber should be cleaned and replaced. The hydraulic oil, and then debug, and then check whether the vertical mill can operate normally,

Finally, if the bearing temperature of the high-pressure roller mill is abnormal, it should be a problem in the lubrication system. Therefore, the oil intake of each lubrication point should be handled properly and adjustments should be made accordingly to ensure the normal operation of the vertical mill's circulation system.

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