How To Adjust The Discharge Particle Size Of Raymond Mill


Fineness adjustment principle: the high-speed rotation of the classifier will produce a certain centrifugal force, and the blower above the classifier will produce a centripetal force. When the centripetal force is greater than the centrifugal force, the fine powder can smoothly pass through the classifier blades and be collected as finished products. When the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, it cannot pass through. It will fall back to the main machine to continue grinding under the barrier of the classifier blades.

The specific adjustment methods are as follows:

1. Adjust The Speed Of The Analyzer

The higher the rotating frequency and the faster the rotating speed of the classifier, the greater the centrifugal force and the coarser the powder. Therefore, the mesh screening can be realized by adjusting the rotating speed of the classifier.

2. Adjust Fan Speed

During the operation of the stone mill, the fan speed determines the wind force. When the grinding material is light, if the wind force is too large, some powder that has not been completely ground will be blown into the powder collector; On the contrary, if the specific gravity of the material is large and the wind force is too small, it will also affect the discharge.

3. Adjust The Engine Speed

When the rotating speed of the main engine is too high or too low, the coarse powder or fine powder will be transmitted to the powder outlet too early, affecting the fineness of the finished product. Therefore, during the operation of grinding equipment, it is necessary to regularly check the motor current and reasonably control the speed of the host machine.

4. Wear Degree Of Grinding Roller And Ring

During the normal operation of the pulverizer, the grinding roller and the grinding ring will not be in direct contact. With the increase of service time, the wear degree of the grinding roller and the grinding ring is also increasing. If the materials are not fully ground, the fineness of the finished products will be affected and the coarse particles will increase.

5. Material Properties

In addition, the humidity, particle size and viscosity of the material to be ground will also have a certain impact on the fineness of the finished product discharged from the ultra-fine mill. Therefore, it is recommended to investigate the equipment with materials when purchasing equipment.

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