What To Pay Attention To When Purchasing Raymond Mill Bearings


First of all, when we purchase bearings for Raymond mills, we must keep the same size as the original bearing model. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the material of the bearing has strong wear resistance and good corrosion resistance.

Secondly, for the bearing accessories of Raymond mill, due to the strong load of the equipment operation, the bearing needs to have a considerable load capacity and anti-vibration capacity.

Third, with the long-term grinding operation. The temperature of the bearing part is bound to rise in the long-term friction. If the heat dissipation function of the bearing part is not good, it is easy to fail. Therefore, when we purchase the bearing parts of Raymond mill, we must ensure their good heat dissipation capacity.

Fourth, in order to ensure the rotation accuracy of the grinding roller, the bearing needs to have a high matching accuracy. In the grinding operation, the bearing structure that is easy to disassemble and assemble ensures the convenience of equipment maintenance.

Fifth, in order to purchase suitable Raymond mill bearing parts, we must pay attention to checking the process characteristics of the bearing. Whether there are scratches, rust, etc., to ensure the quality of the parts.

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