What Equipment Is Needed For Potassium Feldspar Grinding Production Line


Potassium feldspar belongs to monoclinic crystal system, with density of 2.54-2.57g/cm3, specific gravity of 2.56-2.59 and hardness of about 6. Combined with material characteristics, jaw crusher and Raymond mill are generally selected for main equipment, except that the particle size of masterbatch shall be considered, equipment performance, output, etc. and whether there are special quality requirements and standards. The common production process flow of potassium feldspar powder is as follows, At the same time, you are welcome to consult and obtain the production scheme suitable for you.

Potassium Feldspar Grinding Equipment

Jaw crusher: it is generally used for head breakage. It adopts the working principle of extrusion crushing, has deep cavity and no dead zone, improves the throughput, uses super large bearing and forged spindle, has greater bearing crushing capacity, coupled with flywheel design, effectively reduces vibration and runs more smoothly. It also has hydraulic design, reliable performance, low failure rate, adjustment of discharge port gasket and complete finished product specifications, Meet the feeding requirements of grinding powder.

Raymond pulverizer: as the main equipment, it is designed through renewal and improvement. It has three-dimensional structure, small floor area and strong completeness. It forms an independent production system from block material to finished powder. The workshop can basically realize unmanned operation, high efficiency, higher screening rate, and the fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the demand.

Production Process Of Potassium Feldspar Powder

Raw material bin → bucket elevator → jaw crusher → Raymond pulverizer → electromagnetic vibration feeder → analyzer → powder collector → pipeline device → dust collector → power distribution cabinet → finished product bin;

Feed particle size: ≤ 30mm

Particle size of finished product: 300 mesh

Daily output: 100 tons

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