Use Of Steel Slag Grinding Products


The purpose of steel slag grinding products is to recycle the waste after making powder through the steel slag micro-powder vertical mill production line, which can be used to replace clinker for cement production, replace cement for concrete and produce steel slag composite powder.

Steel slag is a by-product produced in the steelmaking process, and its output is 10-20% of crude steel. The amount of steel produced is large, so a large amount of steel slag is produced every year, but its utilization rate is even less than half of the ratio. A large amount of steel slag is discarded after iron selection, which in turn occupies a lot of land and wastes resources. Accompanied by the increase in iron ore prices, the growth rate of steel demand has slowed down, and steel companies have large output but low efficiency. Therefore, realizing the comprehensive utilization of the secondary resources of steel plants is the fundamental way to improve the efficiency of steel enterprises.

Use of steel slag grinding products

1. Replace clinker for cement production.

Steel slag as a cement mixture has been listed in the national standard. After grinding, steel slag powder can be used as an excellent cement mixture, partially replacing clinker to reduce cement production costs, and steel slag cement has a late stage compared with Portland cement. High strength, good abrasion resistance, low heat of hydration, and good impermeability.

2. Replace cement for concrete.

Steel slag powder can replace cement in equal amounts, can improve the later strength of concrete, and can prepare C30-C80 concrete. Compared with the concrete without admixtures, when the water-cement ratio is the same, the slump of the mixture increases by more than 10 cm, the fluidity, anti-segregation, and gap passage are good, and the concrete's compactness and anti-permeability ability It is improved, the heat of hydration is reduced, and the frost resistance is improved.

3. Production of steel slag composite powder.

Steel slag powder and slag powder have their own shortcomings. The combined use of the two has complementary advantages and disappears. It is the best admixture for concrete.

Steel slag has high hardness, contains iron elements, and has poor grindability. The key technical equipment to realize the production of steel slag powder is grinding equipment. As a professional comprehensive service provider of industrial waste slag grinding, Xinxiang Great Wall uses vertical mills as the main grinding equipment for the raw material characteristics of steel slag for comprehensive utilization of steel slag.

SBM LM vertical mill adopts new steel slag grinding vertical mill technology. There are many models of HLM steel slag powder vertical mill. The specific surface area of the produced steel slag powder is ≥420m2/kg. The output of single machine is from 15 tons to 220 tons. It is flexible in configuration and adopts cloud control. The system is equipped with one-room control, the whole line view and switch machine functions, saving labor costs and reducing power consumption. The use of steel slag grinding products can be used as much as possible.

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