Ultrafine Vertical Can Be Used As Dolomite Processing Equipment


The ultrafine vertical mill is an economical and practical ultra-fine powder processing equipment. According to the processing characteristics of non-mineral ultra-fine powder, the equipment has comprehensive mechanical crushing performance such as rolling, grinding and clustering. It is especially suitable for dolomite, Potassium feldspar, bentonite, kaolin, graphite and other non-minerals are deeply processed, and are ultrafine powder processing equipment widely used in chemical, metallurgical and other industrial fields. For grinding fine powder, this ultra-fine mill is economical and practical, and it is an ideal choice for our customers.

Grinding fine powder, the ultrafine vertical mill is an undoubted grinding equipment, processing 600 mesh dolomite powder, using the ultrafine vertical mill made by Kliric, with high efficiency, low energy consumption, and customized configuration. According to the plan, the price of the dolomite ultrafine vertical mill is more reasonable, and it is a commonly used dolomite pulverizer production line equipment.

At present, the optional mills for 100-200 mesh dolomite grinding powder processing are: ball mill, Raymond mill, ultra-fine mill, and these three types of equipment are adjustable and controllable in terms of production fineness, and their application range is also It is a relatively wide range of equipment for dolomite powder processing and application. Of course, different types of mill equipment have their own characteristics.

Generally speaking, from raw materials to dolomite powder, it is necessary to crush the materials first, and use a jaw crusher for preliminary crushing, which can reduce the particle size of the materials. Dolomite vertical mill is a kind of grinding equipment. The grinding equipment has requirements on the feeding particle size, which generally needs to be less than 20mm, which can ensure the discharge effect of 300-3000 mesh.

Dolomite is processed into powders of different fineness, which can be used in building materials, ceramics, glass, agriculture, chemical industry and other fields. The dolomite grinding powder production equipment is used for grinding the crushed dolomite, and it is the key equipment in the grinding production line. The dolomite powder ground by the dolomite mill is finer in particle size, high in purity and good in quality.

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