The Use Of Calcined Petroleum Coke Powder


Petroleum coke is black or dark gray hard solid petroleum products, with metallic luster, porous, is formed by tiny graphite crystallization granular, columnar or needle-like carbon body.Petroleum coke is composed of hydrocarbons, containing 90 to 97 percent carbon, 1.5 to 8 percent hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and heavy metal compounds.

Delayed petroleum coke powder refers to the delayed coking unit production of coke, also known as ordinary coke, there is no corresponding standard.

At present, the domestic production enterprises mainly produce according to the industry standard SH0527-92 formulated by the former China Petrochemical Corporation.The standard is mainly classified according to the sulfur content of petroleum coke. 

No. 1 coke is suitable for the production of ordinary power graphite electrode in the steelmaking industry, and is also suitable for the aluminum smelting of carbon for aluminum.

No. 2 coke is used as electrode paste and production electrode for electrolytic cell (furnace) in aluminum smelting industry. 

No. 3 coke is used to produce silicon carbide (abrasive material) and calcium carbide (calcium carbide), as well as other carbon products. It is also used to manufacture anode bottom block of aluminum smelting cell and for carbon lining brick or furnace bottom construction of blast furnace.

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