The Role Of Calcium Carbonate In PVC Products


Impact On Mechanical Properties

Due to the high hardness of calcium carbonate, filling with calcium carbonate will increase the hardness and rigidity of plastic products and significantly increase the elastic modulus of plastic products.

Impact On Thermal Performance

Due to the good thermal stability of calcium carbonate, the thermal expansion coefficient and shrinkage rate of the product can be reduced or decreased, and the warpage and curvature of the product are also reduced. With the increase of calcium carbonate dosage, the thermal expansion of the product The deformation temperature also increases accordingly.

In many years of application, it has been found that the dispersibility and fluidity strengthening effect of activated calcium carbonate are better than ordinary calcium carbonate. The stability of activated calcium carbonate in use, the inherent strength, toughness and surface finish of the product are better than ordinary calcium carbonate, and it has been greatly improved, and at the same time, the physical and mechanical properties of the product can be greatly improved.

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