Why Is The Fan Current Unstable During The Production Process Of The Vertical Mill Superfine Mill


The vertical mill superfine mill purchased by some manufacturers often suffers from a decline in production efficiency due to reasons during the work process, which makes many people feel very distressed. In fact, in the process of working, it is only necessary to use some more tips. This phenomenon can be avoided well, then, what are the factors that affect the production efficiency of the ultrafine mill? How can the work efficiency of the vertical mill superfine mill be improved?

1. Generally speaking, the harder the material is, the more difficult it is to grind ultrafine powder. As the hardness of the material is upgraded, the difficulty of grinding will increase, and the easier it is to wear the vertical mill ultrafine pulverizer.

2. The vertical mill superfine mill is not too cold for products with high moisture content. Generally speaking, the high moisture content of the product will cause it to stick to the inside of the superfine mill, and it will also bet during the unloading and conveying process. Plug, greatly reducing the capacity of the vertical mill superfine mill.

3. If the product needs to contain more fine powder, it should be screened in advance to prevent the fine powder from adhering to the inside of the vertical mill superfine mill and affecting the conveying.

4. The greater the viscosity of the product, the greater its adhesion, which will affect the working efficiency of the vertical mill ultrafine mill.

5. The ultra-fine grinding parts with better wear resistance and performance are used in the vertical mill superfine mill, the greater the capacity of the vertical mill superfine mill will be, and the better the grinding products will be.

The production efficiency of the vertical mill superfine pulverizer is also affected by the above aspects, so when we use the vertical mill superfine pulverizer, we must try to avoid the occurrence of the above situations, so that our machine can guarantee the quality of the machine. To improve production efficiency, pay attention to the details of its work during production and better maintenance. Proficient and comprehensive mastery of the operation and precautions of the vertical mill superfine mill can greatly improve the production efficiency.

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