The Application Of Bentonite Powder


1. Bentonite for foundry is the largest user of sodium bentonite. Sodium bentonite is welcomed by the foundry industry for its good reusability and high wet compressive strength. Because of its good plasticity, it can prevent the phenomenon of sand inclusion, scarring, block dropping and sand collapse in the casting. In addition, it has strong formability and high cavity strength, which is convenient for casting wet or dry molds in the metal industry. It is the preferred sand binder for precision castings.

2. Bentonite for drilling mud is the second largest user of sodium bentonite. When performing oil and gas drilling, mud is used to cool the drill bit, remove debris, protect the well wall and balance the ground pressure. Bentonite has strong water absorption, can absorb 8 times its own volume of water, expands 10 to 30 times in volume, and is suspended and gelled in aqueous solution. It has good dispersibility and large slurry output. Therefore, it is the ideal material for making drilling mud.

3. Bentonite for iron ore pellets is the third largest user of bentonite. Bentonite for iron ore pellets is one of the important auxiliary materials in the modern metallurgical industry. The iron concentrate powder is mixed with an appropriate amount of bentonite and water, and then rolled into balls in the pelletizing machine, and then dried, preheated and roasted into high-strength pellets for smelting.

4. Bentonite desiccant: Bentonite desiccant has adsorption activity, static dehumidification and odor removal. Widely used in optical instruments, electronic products, medical and health care, food packaging and military products and civil products dry air sealing. Compared with silica gel, it has the advantages of low price, fast adsorption speed and low preparation cost. Compared with other types of desiccant on the market at present, not only the adsorption speed is fast, adsorption capacity is high and non-toxic, tasteless, non-contact corrosive, no environmental pollution and other characteristics, especially used in food packaging, no harm to human body.

5. Bentonite can be used as waterproof materials, such as corrugated cardboard with bentonite waterproof board, two layers of non-woven fabric with bentonite in the middle of the waterproof felt and a layer of non-woven fabric with bentonite in the middle of the plastic board. This material has been widely used in underground engineering of subway, dam bottom and landfill site. Bentonite is harmless to human body and has excellent environmental performance. Construction is simple. No need for heating and pasting, not affected by temperature, short construction period.

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