Rare Earth Oxides Powder Making Equipment


At present, the content of rare earth oxides in the rare earth ores mined in China and other countries in the world is only a few percent, or even lower. In order to meet the production requirements of smelting, the rare earth minerals and gangue minerals are separated by beneficiation before smelting. Separate from other useful minerals to increase the content of rare earth oxides and obtain rare earth concentrates that can meet the requirements of rare earth metallurgy. Rare earth ore beneficiation generally adopts flotation method, and is often supplemented by a combination of gravity separation and magnetic separation to form a multiple combination of beneficiation process.

Raw Material (pr And Nd) ingredients powder making pressing sintering rough inspection finishing surface treatment semi finished product inspection packaging finished product inspection warehousing.

Rare Earth Powder Making Equipment

The MTW European version of the mill adopts multiple patented technologies such as bevel gear integral transmission, internal thin oil lubrication system, and arc-shaped air duct. It has high grinding efficiency and is a replacement product for traditional Raymond mills and pendulum mills. It is widely used It is used in power plant desulfurization, large-scale non-metallic mineral pulverization, building materials and chemical industries.

The finished product of MTW European version mill is 250 mesh, 5t/hour or more, which meets the requirements of rare earth preparation.

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