MTW Roller Mill Used In Barite Processing


Barite is a non renewable resource and one of China's export dominant mineral products. It is widely used as a weighting agent for oil and gas drilling mud. Its consumption in barium chemical industry, filler and other fields is also increasing year by year. China is rich in barite resources, distributed in 21 provinces (regions) in China, with a total ore reserve of 360 million tons, ranking first in the world. Medically, it can be used as contrast agent in digestive system.

Circulating mud weighting agent in rotary drilling of oil and gas wells in oil drilling cools the drill bit, takes away the cut debris, lubricates the drill pipe, seals the hole wall, controls the oil and gas pressure, prevents the oil well from flowing, and produces barium carbonate, barium chloride, barium sulfate, lithopone, barium hydroxide, barium oxide and other barium compounds in chemical industry. These barium compounds are widely used in reagents, catalysts Sugar refining, textile, fire prevention, various fireworks, coagulant of synthetic rubber, plastic, pesticide, surface quenching of steel, phosphor, fluorescent lamp, welding flux, grease additive, etc. Glass deoxidizers, clarifiers and fluxes increase the optical stability, luster and strength of glass. Rubber, plastics, paint fillers, brighteners, weighting agents, building concrete aggregates and paving materials weigh heavily on the pipelines buried in swamp areas, replacing lead plates for shielding nuclear facilities, atomic energy plants and X-ray laboratories, so as to prolong the service life of the pavement.

SBM roller mill can grind barite into powder 60-325mesh with good performance. And such powder can be used in the above industries.

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