Marble Scrap Grinding Plant In Egypt


There are rich marble resources in the east and north of Egypt. Among them, the cream-colored marble produced in Suez province is with the best quality. This kind of marble is the best seller in China, and also known as the Egyptian yellow. Besides the cream-colored marble, there are also red and black-brown marble in Egypt. Every year, there are millions cubic meters of marble produced, but a large number of marble scrap do not get fully used. So to solve this problem, more and more investors in Egypt turn their eyes on the marble scrap grinding plant.

Marble Scrap Grinding Plant In Egypt

Marble is a kind of important building materials. Marble powder can be used to make various forms and plates. It can be used in in walls, floors, table, and column of building and be used as materials for monuments, towers, statues and so on. We can provide various types and models of grinding mill that can be used to grind marble scrap, such as trapezium mill, vertical mill, hammer mill and ball mill and so on.

Before grinding, we need firstly crush the marble scrap into proper particles that are suitable to enter the grinding mill. And then send the marble particles into grinding mill. After crushing, screening and grinding, we can get marble powder. These powders can be applied to many industries such as cosmetics, sand and aggregate. In this case, we not only can make full use of the marble scrap but also get powders that can be used in many aspects.

Recently, an Egyptian customer contacted our engineer for a marble scrap grinding plant. After communication, our engineer designed a plant consists of crusher, vibrating screen and vertical grinding mill for him. He was very pleased with this plant and has already decided to have a visit to our company.

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