Limestone Grinding Mining Process


The limestone grinding process mainly includes two types:

Open Circuit Process: After the material passes through the mill once, it will be used as a finished product for the next operation process;

Closed-circuit Process: when the material is separated from the mill by one or several levels, the fine particles are used as the finished product, and the coarse particles are returned to the mill for re-grinding.

The opening process is relatively simple, with the advantages of less equipment, less investment, and simple operation. However, because the materials need to meet the fineness requirements before they can be milled, over-grinding is prone to occur, and the finely ground materials easily form a cushion layer, which prevents the coarse materials from further grinding, greatly reduces the grinding efficiency and increases the power consumption.

Therefore, most limestone powder manufacturers currently choose a closed-circuit process, which can reduce the phenomenon of over-grinding, improve the efficiency of the mill, and reduce energy consumption. In addition, the limestone powder produced by the closed-circuit process has uniform particl.

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