Is Ground Fly Ash Good With Ball Mill Or Vertical Mill


Fly ash is industrial solid waste, mainly containing silica (SiO2), alumina (Al2O3) and iron oxide (Fe2O3), has been widely used in cement and various lightweight building materials.In addition, fly ash can also be used as bleaching beads and as fertilizer and micro compound fertilizer.In industry, iron, carbon, copper, germanium, scandium and other substances can be recovered from fly ash.The density is 1.5 g/cm3.Is ground fly ash good with ball mill still good with erect mill?In the field of solid waste of fly ash industry, Guilin Hongcheng, a vertical mill manufacturer, as a professional supplier of grinding machine equipment, provides more environmentally friendly and energy saving vertical mill equipment to help grinding fly ash to realize recycling value, thus contributing to economic construction.

Compared With Ball Mills, What Are The Advantages Of Vertical Mills

Exist in traditional ball mill efficiency is low, the hulking, high production cost and environmental protection effect is not ideal, as a new environmental protection pulverizer equipment, vertical mill equipment broke through these drawbacks, as fly ash, slag, steel slag and other industrial solid waste a new generation of environmental protection in the field of mill equipment, occupies a large market share, become assists grinding project creates value exclusive production equipment.Let's take a look at the advantages and highlights of the vertical mill.

1, low investment: the machine set crushing, grinding, grading and conveying as a whole, simple process, compact layout, small footprint, low construction cost, can reduce the comprehensive investment cost.

2, good performance: Grinding roller sealing device, more reliable performance, do not need to seal the fan, can reduce oxygen content, good explosion suppression performance.

3, automatic operation: PLC automatic control system, can realize remote control, easier maintenance.

4, high grinding efficiency: high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, compared with the ball mill, energy consumption is 40-50% lower, is a single production capacity of exclusive equipment.

5. Excellent environmental protection: full negative pressure operation, the system vibration is small, low noise, is a new process of energy saving and consumption reduction.

6, good drying force: can be directly through the hot air, drying ability is strong, the water content of the feed up to 15%, can meet the material with different humidity drying and grinding.

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