Improve The Production Efficiency Of Raymond Mill


Raymond mill is more popular because of its low price and large output. Master the following skills, you can better improve the powder yield and production efficiency of Raymond mill.

Reasonably Choose The Main Engine Speed And Improve The Main Engine Grinding Force

Since the grinding force mainly comes from the centrifugal force of the grinding roller, the rotation speed of the main machine directly affects the grinding force. The low speed of the driving shaft may be one of the reasons for the low powder extraction rate. Insufficient power, loose transmission belt or severe wear will cause the driving shaft speed to be unstable and decelerate.

Suggestion: increase the kinetic energy of the mill, adjust the belt or replace it with a new one.

Reasonably Adjust The Air Pressure And Air Volume Of The Blower

Due to the physical properties and chemical composition of various non-metallic mineral raw materials, there are huge differences. For example, graphite, gypsum and other minerals with low density should be relatively dense minerals (such as barite, barite, etc.) when adjusting wind pressure and air volume. Iron ore, etc.) should be small and adjusted appropriately. If it is too large, the coarse particles will not be well classified and mixed into the finished product when they are sieved by the classifier, resulting in unqualified products; if too small, the host Inside, it is prone to blockage, making the machine unable to operate normally.

Good Equipment Lubrication Work

Blurred grinding teeth will also affect the speed of the main machine of the mill. It is necessary to check the transmission parts such as the grinding teeth from time to time and prepare for new lubrication.

Pay Attention To The Humidity, Viscosity, Hardness Of The Material

The performance of the equipment itself is the main factor that determines the production efficiency, but the properties of the material, such as powder humidity, viscosity, hardness, and discharge particle size requirements, will also affect the powder extraction rate. Refer to the specifications and operating instructions of the equipment, and run under the corresponding requirements to achieve the desired production effect.

Reasonable use of equipment and daily maintenance can extend the life of the Raymond mill to the greatest extent, exert outstanding performance and create ideal benefits.

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