How To Grinding Quartz Sand


Quartz sand is a material with relatively high hardness, which can be used as a raw material for grinding. However, in the production of pulverized powder, it cannot be directly added to the pulverizer for pulverization. Due to the different grinding needs, mill manufacturers have developed different types of equipment to meet different grinding needs. However, in the grinding production of quartz sand, the equipment we recommend is the ultrafine  mill and the Raymond mill. This is because these two kinds of equipment can have better performance in the production of quartz sand, as follows:

Ultrafine Mill To Process Quartz Sand

In the grinding production of quartz sand, the required feed particle size is not more than 20 mm, and the finished product mesh number is 425-3250 mesh, which can meet the processing requirements of fine powder and ultra-fine powder. The ultra-fine pulverizer mill can realize crushing, grinding, lifting, dust removal and packaging. In the production of quartz sand, the function of no manual guard is basically realized, which greatly saves manpower. In addition, the machine has high production capacity and low energy consumption, which makes the grinding project of quartz sand more efficient. We know that in the production of crushing and grinding, the equipment is worn, and the new grinding disc design of this machine has strong wear resistance and longer service life, and the new bearing design makes the speed higher and the grinding efficiency higher.

Raymond Mill To Process Quartz Sand

Raymond mill is one of the common equipments in grinding production. The required feed particle size in the production of this machine is between 25-30mm, and the finished product size is between 325-800 mesh. Because of its three-dimensional structure, the machine occupies a small area and has a strong complete set, so in the grinding production of quartz sand, the production system from the block to the finished powder is independent and self-contained, and the output is 30% higher than that of the traditional Raymond mill.  In addition, the fineness of the finished powder of the machine for grinding quartz sand is uniform, and the sieving rate is 99%, which can meet the project requirements of the quartz sand grinding yield.

The above two types of ultrafine mill and Raymond mill can realize the grinding production of quartz sand, and each has its own advantages in the production of quartz sand. same. Therefore, in the actual production process, the equipment type and model can be selected according to the different production requirements of quartz sand grinding.

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