How To Better Maintain Grinding Equipment In Winter Time


Raymond pulverizer is a kind of pulverizer equipment with mature structure, convenient operation and strong processing ability. It is loved by the majority of users and has a wide range of materials. Generally speaking, the working environment of Raymond pulverizer is relatively harsh. With the advent of winter, we should do a good job in winter maintenance, so why is the winter maintenance of Raymond mills very important?

With the advent of winter, the weather is getting colder and colder. Raymond mills generally work outdoors and the temperature is low. When using Raymond mills, we need to preheat them to allow the lubricating oil to be fully lubricated. Feeding work, so that wear can be reduced to a lower level. When the temperature is low, replace the oil and lubricants in the temperature-changing box with low-temperature antifreeze lubricants in time to avoid excessively low temperature, which may cause the lubricant to freeze and damage the equipment. For the oil level of the reducer, the degree of looseness of the triangle band, and the degree of wear of the gears, ensure the normal operation of the machine. Replace parts and add lubricants in time.

Electromechanical part: pay attention to whether there is oil in the cleaning pump and whether the screws are loose. Check whether there is oil in the reducer of the mixer and whether the screws are loose. The air compressor and the conveying part of the conveyor belt should be refueled regularly to maintain the oil level, and check whether the travel switch and solenoid valve are damaged before starting the machine. Transmission part: the transmission chain, the bearing of the dehydrator is greased once a month, the bearing of the central shaft is greased once every three months, and the slider is refueled once a week to prevent rust.

In addition to regular maintenance, Raymond pulverizers also have an important relationship with the capabilities of the operators. Although the equipment is simple to operate, once an emergency occurs, inexperienced people cannot handle it correctly, which may cause danger. Create safety hazards. It may even endanger the safety of the operators, so we must carefully choose the operators of the equipment. After the equipment is installed in our factory, the operators will be trained to master the relevant knowledge, and the Raymond mill can be operated only after being qualified.

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