High Quality Kaolin Powder Production Line


Kaolin is a kind of non-metallic mineral. Pure kaolin is delicate white and looks like mollisol. Besides, it is with good deformability and refractoriness. Kaolin has wide application, mainly used for paper making, ceramics and fireproof; secondly used for paint, rubber filler, Enamel glaze and white cement making; sometimes kaolin can also be used in plastic, paint, pigment, textile, chemical industries and so on.

There are rich kaolin resources in the whole world. There are high quality kaolin resources in USA, the United Kingdom, Brazil, India, Bulgaria, Australia and Russia etc. At present, the found out volume of kaolin in the whole world is about 209 million tons.

Kaolin Powder Production Line

To make full use of kaolin, firstly we need to process it. SBM can provide high quality kaolin powder production line. Generally, in a production line, there will be crusher, grinding mill and some auxiliary equipment. Crusher is used to crush bulk kaolin into small particles so that they reach suitable size for entering the grinding mill. Grinding mill is used to grind the kaolin particles into powder. Of course, there are many different types and models of crusher and grinding mill, and our engineer will recommend suitable models and design an ideal plant for the customers.

Firstly, the crusher will crush the bulk kaolin into small particles, and then the particles will be transferred to the grinding mill for grinding. After being ground into powder, the kaolin will be discharged from the discharge opening and be transferred to fixed area for end use.

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