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Fly ash is a pozzolanic material (concrete production) and has been classified into two classes, F and C, based on the chemical composition of the fly ash. Class F fly ash is produced from burning anthracite and bituminous coals. This fly ash has siliceous or siliceous and aluminous material, which itself possesses little or no cementitious value but will, in finely divided form and in the presence of moisture, chemically react with calcium hydroxide at ordinary temperature to form cementitious compounds. Class C fly ash is produced normally from lignite and sub-bituminous coals and usually contains significant amount of Calcium Hydroxide (CaO) or lime. This class of fly ash, in addition to having pozzolanic properties, also has some cementitious properties.

Fly Ash Classification Machine

Due to the variability of fly ash, doubts have been raised as to the suitability of the current classification schemes which may be overly simplistic and fail to take into account other important characteristics such as mineralogy. Also, many of the current classifications have been developed for the use of fly ash in concrete and cement and thus may not be applicable for other end uses. A need has been identified for an overall rating system which would be useful for all potential end-user of fly ash.

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Fly Ash Beneficiation Plant

Electrostatic and Triboelectric separation technologies work on the principal of charge separation. These technologies have been proven in industry settings. Their efficiency is dependent on fly ash physical and chemical characteristics, therefore, a program to evaluate the economic feasibility for the application of this, or any other beneficiation technology, is required. Both of these technologies have shown to be successful at reducing the carbon content in fly ash.

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