Fluorite Grinding Powder Mill Production Line


Material Properties

Fluorite, also known as fluorite, can often form blocky, granular aggregates, or cubes and octahedral single crystals. There are many colors, including purple red, blue, green and colorless. Transparent, glass gloss, hardness 4, good cleavage. Easy to break along the cleavage surface into octahedral small pieces, the relative density of 3.18. It is a common halide mineral with concentrated applications. After the fluorite is processed and crushed by the fluorite mill, the fluorite powder is mainly used to extract fluorine, and the fluorine chemical material is an important raw material and excipient in the mechanical, electronic, metallurgical, aerospace and other industries. For example, as a flux for steelmaking and aluminum production, it is used to manufacture opalescent glass, enamel products, catalysts in the production of high-octane fuel oil, and so on. 

Application Prospects

In the past two years, the demand for fluorite has been increasing, but the main component of fluorite is calcium fluoride, which is a scarce non-renewable resource and belongs to the rare earth-like resources. Although the official data released by the Ministry of Land and Resources of China shows that the basic reserves of fluorite in China are 110 million tons and the proven recovery is 21 million tons, however, at present, the device production capacity of China's fluorite production enterprises is relatively small, it does not have the upper hand in scale, and the excessive exploitation of fluorite causes severe resource extravagance, the utilization rate of resources is not high, and the fluorite field in China has the inherent requirements of resource integration.

MTM medium speed trapezoidal mill + fluorite grinding production line, which through the analysis of fluorite, limestone, marble and other materials hardness, finished product fineness, the traditional mill technology upgrade, the main engine, reducer using elastic sleeve column pin coupling, to avoid the past easy to break the phenomenon, further improve the reliability of the equipment. In addition, the fluorite grinding production line equipment is determined according to the size and fineness of the output of fluorite, and the general equipment has a coarse breaking machine, a fine breaking machine, a milling machine, a vibration feeder, a circular vibrating screen, etc., which can be based on the customer's site situation. Production specific requirements and professional design to create a fluorite grinding production line. 

Fluorite powder processed by fluorite mill can be used in chemical, rubber, ceramics, construction, building materials and other fields, after strengthening the ultra-fine mill processing of ultra-fine fluorite powder powder is more widely used, is widely used in the technology industry, such as military cables, fiber transmission, and smelting industry.

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