Choose Vertical Mill Or Ball Mill


Vertical roller mills and ball mills are ideal equipment for processing and grinding. Both have strong competitiveness because they can both be used to process fine powders. The grinding capacity of the vertical roller mill is stronger than ball mill, but the impact consumption is smaller than ball mill.

The Difference Between Vertical Roller Mill And Ball Mill

1. First of all, in terms of appearance, there is a big difference between vertical roller mills and ball mills. The vertical roller mill is presented vertically upward from the ground and is three-dimensional, while the ball mill is horizontally lying on the ground and occupies a relatively large area.

2. Since the impact and grinding of the vertical roller mill and the ball mill are different, and the consumption level is also different, the service life of the wearing parts inside the vertical roller mill will be longer than that of the ball mill. In the long-term use, the time and related costs of post-maintenance are reduced to a certain extent.

3 From the analysis of the discharge method, the difference between the two is that the vertical roller mill discharge method is more forced, and the ball mill discharge method is more free; when the material is processed inside the vertical roller mill, after being rolled by the grinding roller, the high-speed rotating wind The air flow takes away the qualified fine powder on the grinding disc; the ball mill can automatically overflow the material, that is, when the level of the finished product fineness material is higher than the discharge port, it can be automatically discharged.

Choose Vertical Roller Mill Or Ball Mill

From the difference between vertical roller mill and ball mill, it can be seen that both have their own advantages and are popular with different users. Different users have different budgets for purchasing equipment and different price acceptance ranges. Easy to understand, easy to use and operate, and large capacity; vertical roller mills can not only bring efficient and energy-saving production and material handling processes to users, but also play a certain role in environmental protection. Low cost, easy to maintain and maintain, but its one-time cost investment is high, and it does not have an advantage in terms of price at the time of purchase.

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