The Different Between Calcium Carbonate Powder And Titanium Dioxide


Calcium carbonate powder and titanium dioxide are commonly used inorganic chemical products, although they are widely used in paint, ink, paper making, ceramics and other fields, but they are different products. Here from the two components, molecular formula, nature and so on for you to distinguish the two products in detail.

In practical application, we can distinguish calcium carbonate powder and titanium dioxide powder from the above three aspects to ensure that the two products are correctly used in industrial production.

Precautions For The Use Of Calcium Carbonate Powder

1. The operation should be closed, pay attention to ventilation, operators must be specially trained, strictly abide by the relevant operation procedures of calcium carbonate.

2. It is recommended that operators wear self-priming filter dust masks and chemical safety glasses.

3. Attention should be paid to avoid dust during use.

4. This product will react with acid, so please keep it separate from acid.

5. The packing should be complete at the time of departure, and the loading should be safe. During transportation, the container should not leak, collapse, fall, be damaged, and be free from water (rain).It is strictly forbidden to mix and transport with acid.

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