Application Of Organic Bentonite


Application In Oil Drilling

Organobentonite is the most basic hydrophilic colloid in oil base drilling fluid and an indispensable additive, which can not only improve the viscosity and shear force of drilling fluid, but also reduce the fluid loss of oil base drilling fluid.

Application Of Grease

Bentonite grease is a gelated grease made of organic soil as thickener. It has the advantages of high operating temperature, not afraid of moisture and moisture, excellent colloid stability, chemical stability and thermal stability and good extreme pressure resistance.

Application In Rubber

It can improve the performance of rubber products, reduce the cost of rubber products, improve the bonding strength of rubber and cord line and the processing performance of rubber material.

Application Of Paint Coating

Organic bentonite is widely used in coatings. The use of organic bentonite in paint ink can improve its thixotropy, emulsion and stability, improve the ductility, prevent hanging, sag, increase the film thickness, prevent paint precipitation, improve storage stability, and increase the quality of paint and the life of paint parts. 

In The Use Of Daily Chemicals

Organic bentonite is introduced into a variety of cosmetics such as snow cream, grease cream, toothpaste and nail polish, etc. Organic bentonite is used to improve thixotropy, play a role in thickening, anti-hardening (anti-hardening), oil emulsification and other functions.

Applications In Environmental Protection

The ability of organic bentonite to adsorb organic pollutants in water is tens to hundreds of times higher than that of original soil, and it can also be used as the adsorption treatment material for organic waste gas. 

Applications In Other Fields

Organic bentonite is also widely used in pesticides, plastics, resins, electronics and other industries.

Recommendation Of Bentonite Grinding Equipment

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