2 Top Questions About Grinding Balls Of Ball Mill


Material Selection Of Grinding Balls

The most commonly used grinding medium in ball mill is grinding ball, which is also the most consumed part in all kinds of easily worn parts. It is of great significance to improve the wear resistance and prolong the service life of the grinding ball. Generally, hard, wear-resistant and cheap cast iron is used as medium material to produce truncated cone cast iron section. The reasons are as follows:

1. Although the unit medium consumption of wear-resistant cast iron section is about 15% higher than that of high-quality steel ball, because its price is only 30% ~ 40% of that of high-quality steel ball, the total medium cost per ton of ore can be reduced by about 50%.

2. When the cast iron section is ground to scrap, it can be automatically discharged from the mill, so the medium can not be cleaned for a long time, which saves the management cost. The research shows that the new fine grinding medium wear-resistant cast iron section not only has high productivity and less over crushing, but also has high monomer dissociation, good separation index and low grinding cost, which comprehensively improves the fine grinding and separation process. Therefore, cast iron section is the best choice of material.

Reasons For Selecting Grinding Balls Of Different Sizes

1. Grinding energy

The grinding ball with large diameter has large mass, while the grinding ball with small diameter has small mass. The grinding energy generated by the two is naturally different during movement. The impact force of the large ball is much larger than that of the small ball, which can crush the sample more easily.

2. Impact frequency

Although the impact energy generated by the small ball is small, its volume is small, it can hold more balls in the unit space, produce more impact times on the sample, increase the contact area with the sample, and the grinding effect is more significant, so as to realize the fine grinding of the sample.

We generally select two or three grinding balls with different diameters. For the number, we can calculate their surface areas respectively, so that the total surface areas of the three balls are equal, and the number proportion of grinding balls with different diameters can be obtained.

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