Calcined Petroleum Coke Grinding Powder Production Line

Project Introduction

A listed company in Xinjiang is a provincial-level key high-tech enterprise focusing on new silicon-based materials integrating R&D, production and sales. The company's main products are silicone series products, mainly silicone monomers, rings and downstream products. Varieties include methyl vinyl silicone rubber, room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, etc., which have a high reputation and influence in the industry, and participated in the drafting and formulation of ≤industrial silicon safety production specifications ≥industry standards.

This project is a carbon anode project of the group company, and the main raw material is calcined petroleum coke. Due to the particularity of the industry, the requirements for carbon anode products are relatively high. In the production process of the product, defective products will be crushed, pulverized, and reused. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase milling equipment.

After the company’s professional technicians conducted on-site inspections of the milling equipment on the market, they decided to use the European version of the trapezoidal mill produced by Shibang Industrial Technology Group Co., Ltd. The project was put into production in January 2018, and the equipment is running Stable, the output meets the expected requirements and is well received by customers.

Project Overview

Raw material:Calcined petroleum coke

Production capacity:7 tons/hour per unit

Discharge size:200 mesh, D70

Major equipment:Two MTW175 European trapezoidal mills

Equipment Advantages

1. The main machine of the equipment adopts bevel gear integral transmission, with high transmission efficiency, more compact structure, no need for reducer, easier installation and adjustment, and greatly reduced failure rate.

2. The use of professional customized fans can meet the requirements of customers on the delivery height of finished products, effectively increase the output of the mill, reduce noise, and make operation and maintenance more convenient.

3. The three major systems (main unit, fan, powder separator) are all lubricated with thin oil, covering all lubrication points, providing sufficient lubrication, improving equipment life and ensuring long-term operation of equipment.

4. Adopting an unobstructed and high wear-resistant air inlet volute, which effectively improves the efficiency of air delivery in the mill while reducing material maintenance costs, avoiding air flow energy loss, and ensuring delivery efficiency.

5. The grinding roller seal adopts innovative and practical labyrinth-type multiple sealing designs to ensure the use performance of the grinding roller and reduce equipment maintenance costs.

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